About the Challenge

I’m so, so excited about this challenge.  One of my book-nerd friends, Jessica, started reading presidential biographies last year.  She decided to start from George Washington and read about all the presidents in chronological order.  I was instantly intrigued.  After hearing her talk about several really interesting bios that she had happened across, I decided to give this a go myself.

The part of this that I love is the idea of getting this really great look at America’s history through the scope of our leaders.  I’ve always been really interested in history, but not so much battles and wars and yadda yadda, but more so the people that have made up our collective history and who they are.

My plan is to read one biography a month.  I will read it earlier in the month and plan on posting about it on the 25th of each month. According to my calculations, it will take me about 3.5 years.  I love that.  I’m kind of squealing with excitement.

If you decide to join, please email me and let me know so I can add you to the list and either comment here or email me at jacki at lovelylittleshelf dot com when you are ready for me to link to your biography!

A Note:  Don’t feel like you have to read at the same pace as me or post on the same day.  While that would be fun, if you want to get through the biographies faster or slower than me, feel free.  Just let me know!

1 thought on “About the Challenge

  1. Hello — I’m writing from the Washington Post. I’m writing a piece about people who read presidential biographies in chronological order. I am one of these people — and you seem to be one too. Available to talk? Please write back or give me a call. Thanks. Justin Moyer 202 334 6078 justin.moyer@washpost.com

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