Jennie: Barack Obama

Obama’s Wars by Bob Woodward

Confession time: I cheated slightly and started reading this one in November, but I technically finished it on December 1st, so it still counts. I just couldn’t wait to officially finish this challenge.

This biography was interesting, focusing mainly on the war(s) Obama inherited when he became president. I had already ready two of Obama’s autobiographies (unrelated to this challenge), so I wanted something written by someone else and specifically about his time in the White House. It turns out that there are A LOT of books written about Obama and his presidency, which surprised me since it hasn’t actually ended yet.

I picked this biography because Bob Woodward has always interested me as a journalist. It was written pretty well, though there were a few pages when I wanted the loop of “we have to make a decision on what path to take” to be cut by a few hundred words. I did like how Bob Woodward included so much about how the VP was involved with the discussions about what to do.

This book was good, but like most books about the Obama presidency, it was quickly outdated not long after it was published due to changing events/times. That said, it was a decent read.

And with this, I finished the challenge! I started July 2011 and finished December 2015! I’ve learned a great deal about the country, the presidents, and politics in general. It was well worth the time I put into it!