Jennie: George W. Bush

George W. Bush (The American Presidents #43) by James Mann

I believe it’s probably pretty hard to summarize most presidencies into a very short book, and even harder to summarize a presidency with as much drama and war as George W Bush’s time in the White House. But, I just could not do another long book. Especially a long book on a very recent president. There isn’t the distance that decades and generations of time passing that gives an author a bigger perspective on the issues and decisions made.

That said, this book was very good, especially in covering such a presidency in under two hundred pages. I learned a great deal about the inside of Bush’s WH years and about his life pre-presidency. The writing wasn’t dry or boring.

This was probably the first presidency that I experienced as an adult. I remember the Clinton allegations and such, but that was before I was able to vote, before I was in college…but Bush’s era was my era. And so, I felt a deeper interest in reading the inside scoop on his years and opinions in the WH. And someday, in the future, when years and years have passed, I want to read another biography (a long one) to see how time has changed (or not changed) our view (or, at least MY view) of Bush and his presidency.