Jennie: Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton: Mastering the Presidency by Nigel Hamilton

I wasn’t sure what biography to read for Clinton, especially because I had already read his autobiography a number of years ago. Reading it for a second time (even though most of the details have probably fled my mind) seemed almost cheating on the challenge. When I found this one at Half Price Books, I snatched it up and hoped it would be good.

Well, it was only so-so. It was dry, very, very dry. And the author used a lot (A LOT) of metaphors in these pages, and after a few hundred pages it became comical to me, which was probably not the author’s intent.

I did enjoy the inside view to Clinton’s early days in the White House, and his struggles with his cabinet and staff members. The author seemed pretty heavy handed against Hillary, which made me wonder what he’d think with her running for president for 2016.

I would probably search out for a different book for Clinton if I had the chance. This one was long and only somewhat informative.

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