Jennie: Ronald Reagan

The Reagan Diaries by Ronald Reagan

When I purchased this on clearance or at a book sale, I didn’t realize it would become a second month of diaries in this challenge. I liked Jimmy Carter’s diaries as the biography for last month, but this one was a bit more tedious. Possibly, that’s because RR and I disagree on more aspects of politics than JC. Possibly, it’s because the RR diaries were a bit dryer. And JC had added more recent commentary/notes to his, whereas RR (obviously) wasn’t alive to do so.

All that said, there was still a lot of information to glean from the (many, many) pages. I found the notes about his family life and relationships to be fascinating and, at times, odd. His descriptions of Camp David and his ranch were descriptive…they made me want to buy my own ranch. The portions surrounding when he was shot in the attempted assassination made me tense and sad. Politically, I wanted more out of the book. There was some insight into his thoughts and experiences, but not as much as I’d hoped for such a huge book.

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