Jennie: Jimmy Carter

White House Diary by Jimmy Carter

I admit, I didn’t know much about Jimmy Carter before I read this book. When I cracked it open, the first thing I thought was how our lives would’ve been impacted if we were peanut farmers like Jimmy Carter when we discovered our daughter had a peanut allergy. And, after a bit on pondering and such, I started reading, and then I discovered I kind of really liked Carter.

The format of this one was interesting, but overall I really liked it. Each chapter was a year, with (mostly) daily entries. Some of the entries were small, some were pages long. I wasn’t a fan of the chapters lasting an entire year though, because that made putting it down awkward. I like ending on a chapter, or at least at the end of a page with a complete sentence.

Seeing the names of recent/current White House administrations appear in this and the last few biographies, is eery and cool. I plan on reading some of Carter’s more recent books once I’m done with the challenge, because he seems like a genuine guy looking to make the world better, especially post-Presidency.


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