Leah: George Washington

His Excellency: George Washington by Joseph Ellis

This 4th of July, I played “American History Jeopardy” at a BBQ and it made me realize how little I know/remember about our presidents. Honestly, I really want to just read about Roosevelt/Eisenhower/Kennedy but I figured I might as well be fair and start at the beginning.

So Washington it is! I’m bummed that so little is known about his childhood. I guess it makes sense but I wish I got to know Washington the boy. It was also a bit sad that George and Martha’s marriage was one of convenience. Who knew????

How much has changed since our first president. Washington did not want one term, let alone two and today we have people “debating” who would be best for the job and an ELECTION! He also refused to talk about certain topics because they were too heated/not appropriate for discussion. Ha! Nothing is off limits these days.

Some parts were very interesting for me and others dragged. I felt the second half of the book with the Constitutional Congress was loooooong and dragged. I would have preferred much more about Washington as a person that what was going on in our country back then.

On to Adams!


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