Jennie: FDR

FDR by Jean Edward Smith

I had somehow bought two FDR biographies, and REALLY wanted to pick the other one because it was about 400 pages shorter, but Jacki pretty much insisted that I read this one, so I did. (I’m pretty sure she might have threatened our friendship if I picked the other one…)

I owe Jacki a lot for forcing me to read this one. The other biography might have been swell for all I know, but this one is FANTASTIC. I read SO many parts out loud to Brett (sometimes interrupting his own reading, whoops!) because I was truly fascinated. The aspects of polio and his marriage to Eleanor and his relationship with Churchill. I was engrossed THE ENTIRE 600+ pages.

I found the Churchill and Stalin conversations and photos included to be just…amazingly informative and awesome. I reread sections to myself multiple times, just in awe at how these three men, all with their own goals and countries and personalities, trying to bring peace back to the World. Just awesome stuff right there.

I feel like this biography ranks up there with John Adams by David McCullough and Washington: A Life by Ron Chernow. These are the type of biographies that should be widely read, not just by historical fans and those of us doing the challenge.

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