Jennie: Herbert Hoover

Herbert Hoover (The American Presidents #31) by William E. Leuchtenburg

This was a really short biography, and it left me wanting to know more about Herbert Hoover, but it also felt like it gave me a good overview into the 31st President. The facts included in this biography about the Great Depression were mind boggling. I kept interrupting my husband to keep reading little tidbits to him. It was appalling, and yet fascinating. I kept reading on almost begging Hoover to step in, to open his eyes to the disaster and the famine. To see that his idea of society stepping in to help wasn’t going to happen; this situation had grown far too big for that.

I find Herbert Hoover an interesting person, if only because he was so much an interior person. He wasn’t overtly emotional or even personable, which makes me want to know more about his inner workings. I think once this challenge is over, Hoover is one of the handful of presidents I plan to read more on.

This was a well-written biography, and if you’re looking to get an intro into the Great Depression and/or Hoover’s time in the White House, I highly recommend starting with this one.