Jennie: Warren G. Harding

Warren G. Harding (The American Presidents #29) by John W. Dean

I squeaked this one in last month, literally finishing just before bed on the last day of September. I was a slacker in ordering it and then it took forever to get delivered, but I was on a mission and complete it I did!

I really didn’t know much about Harding going into this book. I had never heard about the drama of his presidency, but when I realized there was an extramarital affair, I was intrigued. But, most of what I found interesting in this book was how Harding got started, not really driving into politics but casually entering the stage. I loved the pieces about his pre-president job in the newspaper business.

His death was handled surprisingly different than Wilson’s stroke in the previous presidency, and this I found fascinating. The world before media alerts on our phones and emails and rapid-fire text messages.

Ultimately, I finished this short book feeling much more informed about Harding, which was exactly what I’d hoped for!

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