Jennie: William Howard Taft

William Howard Taft: In the Public Service by David Henry Burton

There aren’t many Taft biographies around, at least printed recently enough to not charge over $50 for. Although, there is one coming out later this year that I really wanted, but didn’t want to hold up my progress in the challenge.

This book was quite short, but it read dry for me which made even the thin number of pages feel long at times. However, I loved the pages about Taft’s time on the Supreme Court. I read those sections with great interest, as I did the portions discussing Taft and Teddy Roosevelt’s on-again-off-again friendship. I love me a good Adams/Jefferson drama, and Taft and TR didn’t disappoint.

I didn’t know much about Taft before reading this book, and feel slightly more informed now, though I’d love to read more about his personal life, especially more on his court days and his days overseas. This felt like a good introductory-type biography for me.

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