Jennie: William McKinley

William McKinley (The American Presidents #25) by Kevin Phillips

This book was so very dry, and while only 150ish pages, it was so very long. I prefer biographies that dive both into the political world of the president and the personal world. This biography really only focused on politics, mentioning McKinley’s personal life only when it directly impacted his professional life. (His wife’s illness, etc)

It was a slightly bent in the pro-McKinley camp, but overall I felt I read a mostly general overview of is political life and how he impacted the Republican party. However, possibly the thing I was most upset about was that there wasn’t any details on his assassination. Just commentary on what he might have done better, had he not been assassinated.

I picked this biography because it was the cheapest of the options, but I wish I’d maybe gone for one of the others now knowing how it skipped the personal aspects of his life. If someone wants a great detail of his politics, this is certainly a good book to pick up. I finished it feeling like I didn’t know much about McKinley outside of that arena.

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