Jennie: Chester Alan Arthur

Chester Alan Arthur (The American Presidents #21) by Zachary Karabell

I, like I suspect most of us, had no real idea who Arthur was. He’s in that bland section of bland presidents. I loved the biography I read for Garfield, so I half expected this book to be a let down. And, it was, but only sorta. This biography was short, which helped a lot, but it still covered a lot of ground and conveyed the man…and the president.

I found it interesting that Arthur never wanted to be president. He wasn’t one of those “I’ve Dreamed Of It FOREVER” kind of men…it just sort of fell into his lap. And when Garfield was shot he basically freaked out. Like, hid in his room having a toddler style meltdown. But, once he came to grips with what lay before him, he grew into those shoes. Maybe not in a way that made him truly embrace his position, but he didn’t take it lightly and didn’t become a pawn.

This was well-written and flowed nicely, covering both his personal life and his presidential life well. I recommend it for anyone doing the presidential challenge or anyone just looking to take a closer look at a not-so-well-known president.

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