Jennie: Ulysses Grant

Grant, by Jean Edward Smith

What was I thinking picking a HUGE biography for the President I’d be reading the month after having a baby?? This book was good, but it took me over 3 months to read. That’s just depressing and a bit ridiculous but I just couldn’t focus on non-fiction like I wanted while running on little sleep.

The first couple hundred pages was long and drawn out – full of detailed battle scenes, most of which I’d read in previous biographies on the last few Presidents. Once I hit the part where he started working in Washington in his military capacity, I was hooked.

I was fascinated by Grant himself – how strong and certain he was in battle, but also how he learned from his mistakes. His determination was admirable, especially faced with the importance of winning the war.

photo 1(1)

Can you spot the error?

On page 267, it’s noted that Grant was within view Confederate soldiers but were never fired upon. I reread that sentence a few times, letting is really sink in. I tried to imagine if he had been shot and killed at that point. Would the Civil War have turned out different? Would Lincoln have won re-election? How would our country look today?

This was one very long biography, but I’m glad I read it even with the poor timing. Grant was such a fascinating person that a shorter book just wouldn’t have done him justice.

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