Jennie: James Buchanan

James Buchanan, by Jean Baker

I know I haven’t made it through all the Presidents yet, but I still feel confident is saying James Buchanan might be the wimpiest leader of our early years as a country. He needed to get some guts and stand up as the President should, but instead he wanted to pacify and would often go the very easy way instead of the right way. Looking back, we can see how truly tragic that lack of action turned out to be.

Page after page I found myself rolling my eyes and actually yelling at Buchanan for his horrible decision making skills and his complete unwillingness to even consider any perspective from the Northern states. I half expected to find the next chapter talking about how the Southern states had some sort of blackmail threat on him because at least then it might explain his disgusting inability to think outside the Southern voices all around him.

Basically, Buchanan was a sham of a president, who stood back while the first shots of the Civil War began on his watch. Instead of dealing with it, he just dumped it on Lincoln’s lap and ran like an Olympic track star.

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