Jennie: Zachary Taylor

Zachary Taylor, by John S.D. Eisenhower

I was fascinated with how Zachary Taylor was 110% a military man and not a political man. He belonged on the battlefield (he loved it) and he didn’t start out there just to move up in the political world. He truly wanted to be a solider, but his reputation pushed him forward even if he wasn’t trying to get there personally.

I have an embarrassing confession – I’m fascinating with the what-might-have-been questions, especially when it comes to presidents. How would things changed had Taylor not died in office? Would he have changed the course of the country regarding the Civil War? Could he have bridged the gap between the North and South? What would the state of our country look like today if he’d lived?

Obviously, this book couldn’t answer those questions, but it did touch on the possibilities. As usual, I keep finding myself wanting longer books even on these lesser known presidents, but this was a great book to get really introduced to Taylor and how he was different than most presidents of his time.

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