Jacki: Rutherford B. Hayes

Rutherford B. Hayes, by Hans L. Trefousse

I get so excited when I realize that a president is from or lived in Ohio. I just love reading about places and knowing that they’re really close to where I live or where I grew up. But what is totally weird is that for some of these presidents from the 1800’s, I honestly had no idea that they were from here. We don’t have, like, roads named after these guys or memorials set up or anything. It’s because they are Boring. Yes. Capital B. Boring. Bleh.

The only super interesting thing that I learned about ol’ Rutherford B. Hayes is that his election was super dirty. It was interesting reading about this during a modern and also fairly dirty election. The difference now is the speed of news, but even then stuff got around quickly and the election is often referred to as fraudulent.

For all his work getting into office, he didn’t do much once he was there. He was super unpopular because he put an end to reconstruction even when it should have probably continued and people got mad.

And that’s it. Guys, this book was way boring, super dry and very biased. I hated it. It was under 150 pages and I could hardly make myself power through. There isn’t much out there about this guy though so if you are doing the challenge, you’ll probably end up reading it. I’m sorry.


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