Jennie: John Tyler

John Tyler: The Accidental President, by Edward Crapol

This book was a yawn. Literally. It took me forever to read because I kept falling asleep while reading. I would get 20 pages in before my eyelids shut. I’m sure some of this is related to being in the first trimester with this pregnancy, but not all of it.

Outside of the yawn inducing capabilities of this book, I was also annoyed by the lack of discussion regarding his personal life. It was only a very small portion, more like small mentions here and there. I like these presidential biographies to be about the individual AND their political life. This was very slim on the personal piece.

I did find out one tidbit of fascinating information – when Tyler died, Lincoln was in office and he didn’t even acknowledge the former’s presidents death in any official and customary manor. The country was THAT divided during that time that even death couldn’t overcome some of the hostility.

There aren’t a ton of biographies to choose from for Tyler, but I think I would have rather gone with something else…I don’t recommend this one.

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