Jennie: William Henry Harrison

William Henry Harrison, by Gail Collins

In full disclosure, this review will be short, especially for one of my Presidential Challenge books which tend to have long reviews. Although, this guy did only serve one month in office…so there isn’t a lot to say.

Obviously, most of this book was about his life pre-Presidency, which I was good with because a lot of time these biographies don’t have enough about their personal lives. For under 200 pages this book packed in a lot of information about a lesser known President.

It’s amazing how one Presidency that lasted just over a month could have impacted our country so much, but it really did change the course. Sure, the next guy along could have been the one to make these same changes had Harrison not been in the right place and the right time, but he was there. And things we do now – mass rallies for campaigns, speeches to the public, and pitting general individuals against each other depending on who they vote for – all rest on the shoulders of his campaign. Fascinating!

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