Jessica: Rutherford B. Hayes

Rutherford B. Hayes, by Hans Trefousse

Unfortunately, Hans Trefousse does nothing more than write a biography on President Hayes proving that the president was a vanilla president in a world of Ben & Jerry’s. Hayes entered the presidency under the scandal of disputed election results which could have made for great drama, however it was barely touched upon. I know the biography was just a short book, but it read as if Mr. Trefousse had a word limit that he would be fined if he went over his allotted word count. There is more than one mention in the book to President Hayes being an avid diary keeper which should give ample material for the author to get right to the nitty, gritty and write a personal and mare detailed biography. After reading this biography, I realize that I don’t feel as if I know Rutherford B. Hayes any better than before reading this biography.

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