Jessica: Andrew Johnson

Impeached: The Trial of President Andrew Johnson and the Fight for Lincoln’s Legacy, by David O. Stewart

How I wish Andrew Johnson would have kept a diary the way that John Adams did. Though he may not have been a very good president, I bet he would have been a great subject to read about. From the first chapter of this book I knew that this guy was going to be quite a character, after all it is alledged that he showed up drunk to his own inauguration as Vice President. He was so completely the opposite of Abraham Lincoln, I find it funny that the actually ran on the same ticket.

I find it amazing in this day and age that a guy that never had a day of school in his life can rise up to be the Vice President (and eventually President) of the United States.

The Johnson impeachment pretty much covered the gauntlet of all the politicians are known for: greed; bribery; decite; backstabbing and grandstanding. The impeachment trial went on and on only to have Johnson escape conviction by a single vote (which was probably bought at a high price, as there was a lot of money and political promises changing hands).

Instead of continuing Lincoln’s legacy, Johnson almost lead the country into antoher Civil War. It was interesting to see how Johnson opponents would try turn any Johnson decision into a “high crime or misdemeanor” and justify it as an impeachable offense.

I was surprised at the actual length of the impeachment trial. It went on almost as long as Johnson’s presidency itself. Of course reading about a long impeachment trial can be a bit trying on the reader as well and there were times that I could feel my eyes closing, but in all the book kept me interested and I certainly learned more than I ever knew about Andrew Johnson.

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