Jessica: Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln, by David Herbert Donald

This book rates right up there with John McCullough’s ‘John Adams’. The author does a fantastic job of portraying Abraham Lincoln as a man. The book never felt rushed, nor did it ever feel weighed down by too many facts. It was a very comprehensive and detailed biography of Lincoln’s life from boyhood to his death.

It was interesting to go back to Lincoln’s early childhood and learn about his on and off relationship with his father and just how much he bonded with his step-mother. Despite his lack of education, Lincoln was very driven to become a success and tried his hand at many vocations before excelling at the law.

This book really gives you a sense of Lincoln’s every day life and his success and failures. It also provides a glimpse into the fits and depths of depression in Lincoln’s life. The author also gives the reader a good picture of the relationship between Lincoln and Mary Todd from their early and akward courtship to their marriage.

Not only would I highly recommend this for anyone taking on a presidential challenge, but I would recommend this book to just about anyone who has a passion for American history.

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